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Based in Bournemouth, Dorset we are here to help with all aspects of classic vehicle maintenance including M.O.T. preparation, Repairs, Servicing & Restoration.

Since we were founded in the late 1980’s, we have established ourselves as one of the market leaders in Triumph classic car restoration. We predominantly Stags and all TRs from 2-7 (specialising in 4s, 4As, 5s, 250s and 6s) Heralds, Vitesses, Spitfires, GT6s, 2000s and 2500s, Dolomites, Toledos and FWD.


We can advise, estimate and carry out works to the mechanical aspects of your car - We undertake all general works, including: remove and replacement of differentials, springs, suspension parts, gearboxes, clutches, overdrives, propshafts and engine rebuilding


All aspects of bodywork are undertaken - we can strip a vehicle of parts, carry out all welding/rebuild works, paint, refit, rustproof, road test, rectify any new or previously unknown faults prior to your collection, or delivery.

Rust Proofing

The application of Waxoyl or Dinitrol products under high pressure to chassis, sills, cavities, inside rear wings, bootlid, bonnet areas as appropriate. When the underside of a vehicle is heavilly surface rust we can either remove it with high speed rotating wire brushes or apply Dinitrol rust converter.


We stock both new and second hand parts/ panels for most triumph models, as well as triumph colour spray touchup tins. We can also provide shotblasted and/or powdercoated exchange items.


Classic Triumphs (both whole cars and breakers) for sale as rebuild projects or for spares. We always a have good selection of classic Triumphs in stock for rebuild by us to colour and specifications, or can help source and inspect any new purchase.


Having worked with these vehicles for over 15 years, we are able to provide Insurance Valuations/pre-purchase checks and valuations.


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